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Loved the dogs face

I loved the dogs face and how mad it looked. A bit sick in places, but still cool.

Could;ve done with some sound effects.
I found the ending was disappointment, and nothing new or too unexpected. (What happened was what I was expecting as soon as I saw the window a case.)

Woah, almost too hard to handle

balloons taking thje world? What is animation coming to? This kind of stuff really messes with your mind! But oh does the mind enjoy it!

In one word - Random Random Random

What a grand opera singer.

Salald Fingers just always knows how to say things and describe things in such a different way. The tension that is given between scences is perfect with the chosen delays between dialet.
I love his perpective on life, though weird, can help me to see the world in a different way.
Salad Finger's has seperated itself almost completely from the culture we are used to.

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Almost too much for my computer.

I set off a bunch of fireworks and Flash warned me about running the scripts due to the amount of resourses they were using.

Still kinda fun though.

Too easy!!!

it was fun, but just too easy!
So easy I got an accuracy of 113%!!! (E-mail me for PNG screenshot)

Give us some more things to shoot at - 100 shots for that many things was extremely generous!

MercuryLime responds:

Haha, yeah, what can I say? All my games are easy.

Thanks for the review!

An Alpha

This still feels very imcomplete, only one level? The difficulty was too low, and completed it the second go after out of curiosity testing the result of walking off the cliff.

Amunition was plentiful, and despite the large amount I wasted, i still had some left.

I know it says level 005, but really needs to have at least 3 more levels to be complete. (4 would be nice, not too long or short). The fun of it was halted too soon.

Bofred responds:

Okay, thanks i'll try to put more levels into the next version

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